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Sales Management and Bhagwat Gita

Most of the Sales Managers try to manage their Sales team in a very strange way. Hire them, give them targets and follow up with them for reaching goals. I

Why CRM Implementations Fail

A study suggests that only 69% of all CRM implementations succeed. Why do CRM implementations fail in such massive proportion? Most obvious and easiest culprit seems to be Technology, But surprising it’s

real estate crm software

How to choose Real Estate CRM Software

Does Real Estate Business need a proper CRM System? Real Estate CRM software is required because of the complexity of Sales Cycle, leads flowing in from many sources and involvement

Indian CRM

Why India needs Indian CRM

Indian CRM? Whether we agree or not India is a very different country, and Indians are very different people. Yes, we are. No, I am not talking whether we are

Hosted CRM v/s Self Hosted CRM

Hosted CRM v/s Self Hosted CRM is always a hot debate. Instead of listing differences between these two, This article lists out points for selecting between hosted CRM and Self

Defining CRM

Defining CRM? CRM or Customer Relationship Management stands for processes, tools and practices for managing Customer Relationships. It covers entire Journey of Customer with your organisation. Right from identifying the customer

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